Recommended System Specifications: Windows XP SP2, Vista, or 7; Dual core processor; 2GB RAM; Shader-Model 3 video card with 256MB RAM; and 500MB hard drive space.

If you're having trouble with it not playing, make sure you have DirectX installed.

The Game

What is 40 Stories?

40 Stories is a puzzle game where you must create duplicates of yourself to escape 40 challenging floors. It is being developed by over 60 Chico State University students in the Applied Computer Graphics, Computer Science, and Recording Arts departments.

In 40 Stories, you play as Anita Hent, a disgruntled technical support employee who is on a mission to leave her office. In Anita’s haste, she runs into the megalomaniacal Professor Darius McDoogle, who zaps her with his reality altering Quantum Stabilizer, which then gives Anita the power to clone herself. Anita must now traverse her ever changing office building with the help of her very own Fanboy and escape McDoogle’s grasp.

40 Stories has...

What is Chico State Game Studios?

Chico State Game Studios (CSGS) is the student run organization that created 40 Stories. CSGS was founded in 2004 by students of California State University Chico's Applied Computer Graphics Department in an effort to meet the needs of students looking for careers in the video game industry that were not met by their regular classes. CSGS is designed to emulate an industry game studio as closely as possible in everything from team structure to pipelines.

The goal is to provide students with:

Update Notes

Version 1.2

So we've been working on making slight updates to 40 Stories and it eventually snowballed into a bunch of major changes. Overall, we made the par times harder and devices to use more noticeable.

If you are uninstalling the old version and would like your save to continue over to version 1.2, copy the file 'UDKPlayerStats' from (Your Directory)/40Stories/UDKGame/Config

Thanks to all who have played 40 Stories so far. And if you'd like, we have a Facebook page at