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indiePub announces 2011 Independent Propeller Awards semi-finalists

"After several days playing and debating the entries, indiePub has narrowed the field of potential Independent Propeller Award winners to 24 semi-finalists." Read more

Hot Blooded Gaming: Free Game Spotlight 40 Stories

"40 Stories is a fun and unique puzzle game developed by Chico State Game Studios. You play as Anita, a woman who is stuck in the tech department of an office building. She’s surrounded by odd coworkers and nerdy pervs who want to get in her pants. All she wants to do is leave the building, but everything seems bound, and determined to not let her meet that goal." Read more

IndieDB Top 10 UDK Indie Games of 2010

"Back in early December 2010, Epic Games the creators of the UDK engine teamed up with the staff of IndieDB in an attempt to recognize the top UDK games of 2010. First, we called on the public that voted in last years Indie of the Year awards to narrow down the list to just 10 releases." Read more

IndieGames Freeware Game Pick

"40 Stories sees you taking control of Anita as she attempts to leave her work building. Unfortunately she's on the 40th floor, and can only move down floors one by one. There are also lots of obstacles in her way, which is unsurprising, given this is a game." Read more

DIY Gamer: Know Your IGF

"Okay so I’m gonna be slightly changing up the format of the “Know Your IGF” series we started recently. After giving the submissions a good look through I decided that there was just going to be no way for us to to a write up on each game in time for the event to kick off in March (we’re really not that big). So, instead, we’ll be putting down a paragraph or two (when applicable) of the game along with the IGF description and any videos/screenshots we can find. This way we can crank out about 3 per day with ease and make sure we get every single game locked down in time for IGF.

So, to start off with today’s newly revised “Know Your IGF” format here’s 40 Stories, by Chico State Game Studios." Read more

Blitz 1UP: 60 Developers, 40 Stories

"What do you get when you have 60 wonderfully geeky individuals all working to develop a single videogame using the Unreal Engine? You could have guessed a game like “Batman: Arkham Asylum” or possibly “Leisure Suit Larry(?)” but you’d be wrong! You get what looks to be a comical and slightly epic indie puzzle game." Read more

Indie Games Channel: IGF 2011 Preview: 40 Stories by Chico State Game Studios

"The story sees a tech support worker named Anita Hent trying to live out every American’s dream — to leave the office and go home. Of course, this turns out to be a harder task than it looks. Not only is Anita stuck within the confines of a 40-story skyscraper, but she has also run afoul of sinister co-worker Professor Darius McDoogle, who decides to use Anita as his own personal guinea pig and zap her with his Quantum Stabilizer. This gives Anita the power to clone herself, but also makes her a greater target for McDoogle, so she must use her newfound power to escape each one of the 40 stories before McDoogle can catch her." Read more

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