Communists vs Zombies
Rotating concept art

What is Communists vs Zombies?

Communists vs. Zombies (CVZ) is tower defense with a twist: instead of placing static towers, you drop mobile footsoldiers and then modify their behavior with movement orders, permanent and temporary buffs, and even light artillery support. CVZ puts you in the role of a Commissar in the Soviet Army during World War II’s infamous Battle of Stalingrad. In our highly fictionalized account, German forces have unleashed a horde of flesh-hungry undead, and only a few isolated pockets of Soviet troops remain to defend the city.

What is Chico State Game Studios?

Chico State Game Studios (CSGS) is a flagship project of the Applied Computer Graphics department at CSU Chico; our advanced production class is entirely student-led, and offers many unique opportunities: