D.A.V.I.S. is a throwback to the classic Lucas Arts point-and-click adventure games, brought to life in a next-gen 3D engine. We like to call D.A.V.I.S. an FPA (First Person Adventure as opposed to a First Person Shooter). It employs traditional PC FPS controls (keyboard & mouse) with the addition of an inventory system and the removal of weapons. One of the major goals of this project was to eliminate all combat in favor of puzzles and story. As a result, D.A.V.I.S. has no enemies to fight in fact the only character the player interacts with is Katherine, the antagonist.


  • D.A.V.I.S. combines adventure-style gameplay with next-gen graphics while staying true to the classic puzzle/horror genre.
  • Collect items and solve puzzles in an interactive environment divided into three progressive acts.
  • Experience a deep, expansive, psychological story in three acts, through rich environments and sophisticated sound design.
  • D.A.V.I.S. deviates from the traditional FPS genre by employing no combat.