The Beginning of DAVIS

The Dynamic Audio Visual Instructional System (D.A.V.I.S.) was created in 1952 by an organization known only as “The Company.” It was an underground facility buried deep within a mountain, constructed to simulate a utopian American town for the sole purpose of training non-American spies to infiltrate American culture through complete immersion.

D.A.V.I.S. was designed and built by a man called Joseph, assisted by his partner and long-time friend, Kenneth. Joseph was the mastermind behind the operation. He developed the original idea, presented it to The Company, and was given approval and funding to carry out his plan. Kenneth served as the lead physician of D.A.V.I.S., overseeing the physical and mental health of everyone in the facility.

Despite the high stress of the training environment, many years passed without incident. Trainee groups came and graduated, living alongside the families of Joseph and Kenneth within the D.A.V.I.S. facility. The Company was pleased. What Joseph did now know was that in the planning of D.A.V.I.S., Kenneth had grown afraid of Joseph’s hunger for power. Committed to stopping his friend, Kenneth teamed up with a double agent deep under cover: a woman named Lucille who had infiltrated The Company by marrying Joseph. Not directly involved with the spy simulation, Kenneth was able to come and go from D.A.V.I.S. without arousing suspicion. He used this as a cover for smuggling out information obtained by Lucille.

Joseph Snaps

Kenneth eventually grew worried that Joseph suspected the espionage occurring under his nose. He sent a letter of warning to Lucille who didn’t read the note until later that day, just as Joseph was returning home from work early. She quickly stuffed the letter into a nook under a false floorboard in the bedroom and returned to the kitchen where she was making a birthday cake with her daughter, Katherine.

In the bedroom, Joseph noticed the floorboard which Lucille, in a hurry, hadn’t properly replaced. Lifting the board, Joseph discovered the letter from Kenneth to Lucille, along with internal documents, and diagrams relating to the simulation and trainee dossiers. At first confused, Joseph quickly realized from the note that his wife and his best friend had been spying on him and subverting his plans for years. His confusion quickly turned to anger and Joseph stormed into the kitchen.

Without a word, Joseph grabbed a cake knife sitting on the counter and plunged it into Lucille’s chest. Five-year old Katherine stared in horror, screaming silently as her father stabbed her mother again and again before her eyes.

It wasn't until after Lucille had drawn her last breath that Joseph realized what he had done. Lucille’s espionage would bring the end of D.A.V.I.S. and The Company would hold him responsible. After cleaning up the body and locking Katherine in her room, Joseph set out for the simulation’s master control room. Located “Backstage,” behind the scenes of the facility’s false American suburb, the control room housed one of many failsafe mechanisms which could be used in case the facility was ever compromised to wipe out all life in D.A.V.I.S.

The End of Espionage

After finishing his work for the day, Kenneth went to find Lucille to see if she had gotten his message. Finding no trace of her and fearing the worst, he instructed his wife to get their 5-year old son, Alex, to the medical supply elevator and get him out of D.A.V.I.S. as a precaution. Kenneth rushed to the mini-control room near the medical clinic Backstage to try and locate Joseph. Once there, he saw that Joseph was arming the failsafe which would pump poison gas throughout the facility.

Kenneth’s wife returned to him after seeing Alex to safety. As they tried to disarm the gas system, Joseph appeared on their monitor screens. Joseph railed against his former friend and colleague as he sealed Kenneth and his wife in the room. Joseph watched as the mini-control room was filled with poison gas, suffocating the husband and wife.

DAVIS's Downfall

Joseph returned home to prepare to leave D.A.V.I.S. with Katherine. Late that night, when everyone was in their homes, Joseph and Katherine returned to the master control room Backstage. There, Joseph activated the failsafe system and escaped, taking Katherine to a private elevator connecting the control room to the outside world. As the failsafe engaged, emergency shutters closed over all the windows and doors of every building in D.A.V.I.S., trapping the occupants inside while pumping into them the same poisonous gas that had killed Kenneth and his wife.

After a few days with no report from D.A.V.I.S., The Company dispatched a recon team to investigate. When the recon team found that the failsafe had been activated and Joseph was gone, they were instructed to shut down the simulation for good and neutralize anything that could lead back to The Company. The recon team destroyed all official documents and killed the few survivors left in the facility.

Alex was found by The Company a few days later in a nearby hospital. They deemed him a non-threat because he was “too young to remember anything.” Alex was told that his parents were killed in a car crash and placed with a foster family who knew nothing of D.A.V.I.S. or The Company.


Katherine and Joseph spent many years on the run from The Company and eventually settled down in a small, rural town. Since leaving D.A.V.I.S., Katherine had blocked out all memories of her mother’s murder and their escape. Joseph became depressed and slipped into alcoholism. D.A.V.I.S. had been his life’s work, and the presence of his daughter only reminded him of his loss and betrayal, which lead him to take out his anger on Katherine.

When she couldn’t stand the abuse any longer, Katherine ran away from home. She took refuge in an old storage warehouse at a drive-in movie theater and worked as a dishwasher at a local diner to support herself. Joseph, however, learned where she’d gone and began coming to her work. He would rant about how everything was her fault, disrupting customers and making a mess.

One day, Katherine’s manager was fed up and fired her because of her father’s behavior. Katherine instinctively grabbed a knife sitting on the counter and stabbed him. In that moment, Katherine’s repressed memories were released: her mother’s death at her father’s hand and the escape from D.A.V.I.S. She fled back to her hideaway at the drive-in.

Back at her warehouse, Katherine realized that her father had been the source of all the pain and suffering in her life, ever since she was a child. She decided that running away wasn’t going to solve anything, that he would find her, so she would have to kill him.

Katherine's Revenge

Late that night, Katherine returned to her father’s house. He was passed out on the couch in a drunken stupor. Searching through her father’s desk, she found documents from D.A.V.I.S. which proved that her memories were real. Katherine went to her drunk father and with knife in hand stabbed him just as he had stabbed Lucille many years ago.

After Joseph drew his last breath, Katherine realized that she had become the monster of her father, behaving just as he had. Her mind fragmented, unable to accept the truth of her actions. Seeking a total escape from reality, she took the documents from Joseph’s study and used them to locate the old D.A.V.I.S. facility.

Return to DAVIS

30 years abandoned, Katherine found the facility rusting and overgrown. She began reconstructing the elements of D.A.V.I.S. that were most important to her as a child, in an effort to create a perfect life and childhood with a perfect mother and father.

Through Joseph’s documents, Katherine also learned that Alex was the only other survivor from the original D.A.V.I.S. Once childhood friends, Katherine saw Alex as the perfect means to validate her fabricated new life. She sent him an anonymous letter indicating that his parents had not died in a car crash like he was led to believe. Lured by curiosity, Alex boarded a train, not knowing that it was headed to the D.A.V.I.S. facility where our game begins...

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