What is Galactic Enforcer?

Galactic Enforcer is primarily a puzzle game and secondarily a first-person shooter. It is designed with mobile devices (specifically Android and iPhone) in mind. Arcade style gameplay designed to compliment the pick-up-and-play nature of mobile games. Galactic Enforcer is built to be distributed in modules to allow for add-on content and digital distribution of new levels and patches. The primary purpose behind the development of Galactic Enforcer is to create an entertaining and impressive game that will reflect the skills and abilities possessed by APCG students The secondary purpose is to develop a game that can be digitally distributed in an attempt to generate interest and raise funds for the department.

The game takes place on a Pax Ursae, a massive space station orbiting a dead planet in a distant galaxy. The various intelligent lifeforms who inhabit this galaxy have put their differences aside and formed a truce in the name of shared prosperity. This pact led to the creation of a shared nexus point that serves as a hub between the three planets. Nearly a century has passed since the construction of the this massive space station. Generations of aliens have been born, lived, and died on this massive floating metropolis. However, even in these times of peace, it is not surprising that corruption and backstabbing runs rampant. This influx of shady business has led certain individuals to pursue a career in the elimination of wrongdoers. Thus, this group of bounty hunters, referring to themselves as “Galactic Enforcers,” has made a lucrative business out of punishing those who would do harm to others.

What is Chico State Game Studios?

Chico State Game Studios (CSGS) is the student run organization that created Galactic Enforcer. CSGS was founded in 2004 by students of California State University Chico's Applied Computer Graphics Department in an effort to meet the needs of students looking for careers in the video game industry that were not met by their regular classes. CSGS is designed to emulate an industry game studio as closely as possible in everything from team structure to pipelines.

The goal is to provide students with:


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