A game jam is a gathering of game developers for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time, usually ranging between 24 and 72 hours. Game developers are generally made up of programmers, game designers, artists, and others in game development-related fields. Traditionally, video games are created during game jams; however, board games have become increasingly accepted as a medium for game development within game jams.
Global Game Jams
Global Game Jams are held in collaboration with hundreds of other locations. In essence, students spend 48 hours working on the same prompt as thousands of others around the globe. To read more about the event, visit the Global Game Jam website here. Please, feel free to peruse our archive of games made by students taking part in said jams!
Local Game Jams
Chico has started a tradition of holding one local game jam per year, in addition to the Global Game Jam. Students recieve a prompt and pitch what game they would like to make based off of that. Then, they split into groups and get to work! After 48 hours, their work is shared and enjoyed. Their work is recorded here, for your amusement.