About CSGS

Chico State Game Studios was founded in 2004 at California State University to give students interested in careers in the video game industry an opportunity to work on large-scale video game projects. Chico State Game Studios is interdisciplinary, composed of Arts, Graphic Design, Computer Science, Applied Computer Graphics, and Recording Arts majors.

CSGS projects are for a one-year (two semester) duration, and are overseen by Applied Computer Graphics faculty. Projects are created entirely by Chico State students, and are directed by upperclassmen in Applied Computer Graphics. Game ideas also come from Chico State students: at the end of each game cycle a call for proposals is made by APCG faculty. All Chico State students are invited to participate in the call for proposals. Proposals for CSGS projects are taken during the last month of the Spring semester, so keep your eye out if you're interested in pitching an idea!

Previous CSGS projects include:
  • Viathan (2006 - 2007), a UT2004 full-conversion modification
  • Bronze Age (2005 - 2006), a UT2004 full-conversion modification
  • Chicago Crux (2004-2005), a Neverwinter Nights modification