High Noon - The Game

About High Noon

High Noon is a single-player action FPS set in a Steampunk-flavored wild west, created using the UT2004 engine. Featuring eleven brand new weapons, ten original enemy types, as well as new, exciting gameplay dynamics, High Noon is an exciting, action-packed adventure with style and flair!

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a genre of fiction typically set somewhere in the 1800's during the Victorian Era (please note that High Noon is intentionally timeless). What makes Steampunk fantastic is that it introduces an element of technology into the time period that is obviously completely out of place. Examples include steam-robots, flying castles, under-water bases, moon rockets, time machines etc. Basically, the sky is the limit when designing anything with a Steampunk flair. Throw historical accuracy to the wind!

Steampunk is heavily defined by its look: brass, dark woods, intricate craftsmanship, and other elements that in essence feel Victorian, but have something so technologically advanced about them that they could not possibly be Victorian.

Steampunk is closely related to (if not the same thing as): Victorian Science Fiction, Gaslamp Fantasy, Steampulp, Fireside Science Fiction, Neo-Victoriana, Wild/Weird West, Voyages Extraordinaire, and Scientific Romance.


After the Great Collapse, the United States crumbled into a land of warring city-states, renegade law enforcement, and ruthless, localized governments. Cities deteriorated as residents fled for safe-havens and settlements that promised protection. Some settlements became hideouts for scientists, academics, families, and others not suited for vigilante life in the wastelands. These settlements were usually well-hidden and heavily guarded; many stretching deep underground for maximum protection, and often hidden within the wreckage of former large cities. Most noteworthy of these settlements is Sutter's Mill, a sprawling refuge in the former Sacramento Valley.

Settlements like Sutter's Mill have become heavily sought after by a growing population of land barons, who, in the absence of a unified government, are ruthlessly usurping land to turn a profit from those seeking some semblance of civilization. The existing settlements are razed; scientists, technologists, engineers, and those with skills deemed of worth are captured and recruited, strengthening the land baron forces and making them a formidable power.

At the forefront of the land barons seeking to raze Sutter's Mill is Boz Novak, a powerful baron who has managed to collect a large portion of the land in the mid-west. Seeking to stretch his influence to the former California coast, Novak has spent the last three years sending wave after fruitless wave of attacks on Sutter's Mill's formidable exterior defenses. Novak's continued failures have caused him to turn to more drastic measures: parasitic warfare.

Using a recently discovered human parasite that causes severe episodes of rage and increased strength, Novak "enhanced" a percentage of his army to form a brute-force branch. As an added precaution, Novak managed to obtain and infect a member of the Sutter's Mill settlement in an effort to destroy the colony from the inside.

High Noon takes place among the wreckage of a collapsed nation; lawless, without government, and reminiscent of the actual "wild west" of the 1800's. Homebrew "Steampunk" flavored technology and settings are prevalent, giving the environments a unique combination of old and "new" technology: woods and brasses mingled with wires and 20th century computers.