Hormone Hysteria
Hormone Hysteria Poster 2

Simple, Fast, and Hysterical.

Hormone Hysteria Offers a Unique Twist on the First Person Shooter Genre. The goal from day one in our development process has been to create an easy to play, fast paced, and enjoyably silly game with a core mechanic that turns the shoot to kill formula inside out.

Inverted Level Design.

Hormone Hysteria features maps in which teams spawn not just on opposite sides of the map, but with different directions in gravity. With the ability to use jump pads, Gravity Lifts on walls, and higher platforms you can flip your character 180 degrees and fall toward what used to be the ceiling of the level!

Do you love First Person Shooters, but hate Spawn Camping?

In Hormone Hysteria, players are only spawned at the start of the match, making spawn camping an exploit of the past.‚Äč Instead once you have taken too much damage from the opposite gender, your gender is switched on the spot and you must immediately begin fighting for that gender!

Additional Features