Hormone Hysteria
Hormome Hysteria Poster 1

What is Hormone Hysteria?

Hormone Hysteria is a Light-Hearted and Frantic Shooter that’s easy to play and results in no deaths, but instead the transformation of a Player Character’s gender. Much like how the childrens game “Red Rover” functions. The main game involves 2-16 players on one of two teams moving around a map and firing at each other. However instead of inflicting lethal damage the players instead fire hormones into the opposing team members to convert them into members of their team.

Once a player has taken a certain amount of damage they are immediately swapped onto the other team, and their goal is to now assist this team. Players are also be able to “Heal” members of their team by firing at them as well, since their own hormone will remove the damage done from the opposite hormone. Once only one team remains, the game ends.

What is Chico State Game Studios?

Chico State Game Studios (CSGS) is the student run and in house development studio of the Computer Animation and Game Development department at CSU Chico. The advanced production class is mostly student led, and offers students a unique learning experience: